By combining colors, you can make yourself look taller and slimmer. Where and how you should wear your darker colors is extremely important to creating a look that gives the illusion of a slimmer you. Besides colors, you need to consider your scale, your proportions and your height.

Scale is determined by the actual size of your skeleton. Your scale can be petite, average, or large. In regard to your proportions, the most successful outfits are those in which the waist appears to be in the center of the torso. You have to consider if you are high-waisted, balanced, or low-waisted. Your height and, in particular, the way you hold yourself are part of your overall image. You surely already know if you are petite, average, or tall.

Same Shade or Color

Wearing one color from head to toe always gives the illusion of height. This is key for petites, those women under 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 m).

Three-color Combination

To wear a three-color combination you need to be tall, over 5 feet 6 inches. If you are petite, the maximum number of colors you should put together is two. If you desire to wear a short skirt and you want to give yourself more height, make sure your hosiery tones or matches with the color of the skirt.

Paler Top

This combination works for all, unless you have a very full bust. It helps to give the illusion of wider shoulders, which will balance fuller hips.

Darker Top

This combination is great for those women with a very full bust, or those with very wide or heavy shoulders, or with fuller arms.

Paler Bottom

This combination is particularly good if you have flat hips and buttocks. It is a good idea to add details or embellishments with this combination.

Darker Bottom

Darker skirts and pants help to minimize larger hips and thighs. Use neutral or dark colors to minimize any large feature.

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