Your face is what others see about you first. When it comes to selecting eyewear to harmonize with your face features, you may need some precise and professional guidelines, so that others may appreciate your natural beauty and be inspired by you! Thanks to some quick and easy interview questions, regarding your natural coloring (skin complexion, eye color, hair color) and your face shape, we will be able to determine your best eyewear.

Discover More About Yourself by Defining Your Most Flattering Eyewear

Eyewear, jewelry and clothing should enhance the best features of the person wearing them. Wearing the wrong color combinations can draw attention to the accessories and clothes, and not the individual. Furthermore, eyewear is selected and worn more often when it is in proportion to the size of the wearer’s face, and when it complements its facial shape.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

There are seven common face shapes: Oval, Round, Oblong, Square/Rectangular, Heart, Pear, and Diamond. Face features can be soft and curved or sharp and angular. If you pay attention to the proportions and bone structure of your face, thanks to the following advice, you will understand which one is your facial shape.

When assessing your face shape, you will need to take an objective look of your front profile. Therefore, a big mirror and hair clips or a headband to pull hair from your face and expose your ears are required. Keep a relaxed face, look at yourself in the mirror and consider the following aspects:

  1. Compare the width of your forehead to the width of your jawline;
  2. Compare the width of your cheekbones to your forehead and jawline;
  3. Estimate the length of your face.

Taking these aspects into consideration, compare the shape of your face to the images shown in the picture above.

Your Eyewear Choices Will Be More Effective

Save effort, time, and money while shopping by knowing your correct eyewear colors and designs. If you want to see more pictures of eyewear styles, visit In addition, our Facebook page and our Instagram account at give valuable advice for all your needs about appearance and self-confidence!

Once you know your face shape, buy and start your JCS Analysis Session by selecting the “Style Analysis” package. To better communicate your uniqueness and to make an exciting use of jewelry pieces, colors and accessory/clothing styles, trust Jewelry Color and Style!

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