A piece of jewelry is selected and worn more often when it is in proportion to the size of the wearer’s face, and when it complements its facial shape. As a result, your face shape determines a set of guidelines to choose your best jewelry styles with regard to earrings and necklaces, as well as defining your most flattering eyewear and necklines, in order to look your best and feel confident.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

There are seven common face shapes: Oval, Round, Oblong, Square/Rectangular, Heart, Pear, and Diamond. Face features can be soft and curved or sharp and angular. If you pay attention to the proportions and bone structure of your face, after reading the following information you will be able to determine which one is your facial shape.

When assessing your face shape, you will need to take an objective look of your front profile. Therefore, a big mirror and hair clips or a headband to pull hair from your face and expose your ears are required. Keep a relaxed face, look at yourself in the mirror and consider the following aspects:

  1. Compare the width of your forehead to the width of your jawline;
  2. Compare the width of your cheekbones to your forehead and jawline;
  3. Estimate the length of your face.

Taking these aspects into consideration, compare the shape of your face to the images shown here.

Oval Face Shape

Oval Face Shape

  • The cheekbone area, right below the eye level, is slightly wider than the forehead.
  • The jawline area is softly rounded.
  • You may have a slightly narrower jawline than the forehead.
Round Face Shape

Round Face Shape

  • It is almost as wide as it is long.
  • It has gradual curving lines rather than hard angles.
  • The cheekbone area may be wide and round.
  • Also the jawline area may be wide and round.
Oblong Face Shape

Oblong Face Shape

  • It is noticeably longer than it is wide.
  • The cheekbone area may be flat.
  • You may have a long chin or forehead.
Square-Rectangular Face Shape

Square/Rectangular Face Shape

  • The cheekbones and forehead have similar width.
  • The jawline and forehead have similar width.
  • The jawline area is square and angular.
  • The rectangular face shape appears as an elongated square.
Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-Shaped Face

  • The forehead and hairline are wide.
  • The facial structure narrows at the cheekbones and jawline.
  • You may have wide cheekbones an a slightly angular jawline.
  • The chin may be pointed and quite prominent.
  • You may have a dip on the hairline.
Pear-Shaped Face

Pear-Shaped Face

  • The jawline area is wide and usually prominent.
  • The facial structure narrows at the cheekbones and temples.
Diamond-Shaped Face

Diamond-Shaped Face

  • The cheek area is the widest part of the face and is often high and pointed.
  • The facial structure narrows at the temples and jawline.
  • The forehead may be wide, but it tapers at the hairline.
  • The chin is often narrow and pointed.

What’s your face shape?

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