Blog post Interview with Cinzia Hochstrasser

The talented Swiss artist Cinzia Hochstrasser creates privately commissioned color-inspired, vibrant, and engaging paintings. With her artistic production she opens a door to a special world, where everyone can find something of his own. Through her paintings, people can free their imagination and enjoy a wonderful journey into the world of art.

What does inspire you to paint?

I do not have a specific trigger, subject, or impulse that drives me to paint. Sometimes I see an interesting face or expression, which I need to put onto paper. At times I see a landscape and I wonder if I would be able to reproduce the same on paper or canvas. Sometimes I have a dream, which stays long after my awakening in the morning, and I try to convey my emotions on paper.

That is the reason why I have not yet established a fixed subject, medium or a way to paint. I love to paint landscapes, as I love to paint portraits or abstract paintings. I love to use oil colors as acrylics too, and any other kind of medium. The only settled thing in my way to paint is that I just work with primary colors (yellow, red and blue), white (not too much and not with other colors, as it smothers their brightness) and burnt sienna (for the darker tones). From these colors, I mix all my other colors (secondary colors, tertiary colors, etc.): the more colorful a painting is, the more I enjoy it.

How do you start a work, do you have any rituals?

I usually start with a good cleaning of my studio. When I finish painting, I do not have the strength to clean. I am still in the mode of painting, and thinking what should I modify or what I have to do next to improve my painting. The only thing I do at the end of a painting session is to clean my brushes, which have to be cleaned in order to use them as long as possible. Otherwise, I do not have any further rituals. Usually, my cat sleeps on a cushion right beside me and when he is not next to me, I feel a little bit weird and alone.

What projects are you working on?

I usually work on more than one project, sometimes I need to wait until a painting dries out to be able to continue. Now I am working on a mixed media triptych (oil and acrylic), which is an artwork in three parts, a big canvas, another triptych (acrylic and charcoal) and a series of smaller paintings on wood with golden leaf and acrylic designs.

What kind of jewelry do you like?

I love big, colorful and alternative jewels. I usually wear rings, bracelets and necklaces. I do not wear earrings, as I do not like them so much. I have a few favorite jewels, which I always wear, as they are presents from family members and friends. I love jewelry made of silver or gold (either white or yellow), because these metals are more refined and artistic and any stone that is set on them is simply beautiful. I would like to be able to wear copper, but unfortunately I am allergic to it.I love gemstones with strong colors (and possibly red) like ruby, agate, amber and sunstone. I also like lapis lazuli.

Who or what is precious in your life?

My family and friends are precious, but also the time and the possibility to paint and forget the real life and its hurdles for a short time.

If you want to find out more about Cinzia’s pieces of art, visit or For additional information, you can directly contact her at

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