Manuela Vanotti is a vibrant Swiss artist, who creates privately commissioned paintings full of energy, color and life. Since her childhood Manuela has always loved to paint, draw, and be creative. She is a passionate interior designer and mother of three wonderful kids.

What do you like about your work?

With my work as a painter I can express my personality and my love of life. I like genuine human relationships that promote social enrichment. Thanks to my paintings I try to convey the positive emotions that I feel. This is my gift to the viewers.

What is your painting style?

It is a sort of abstract-representational style, which combines instinctive and apparently random features of the abstract style by using colors and backgrounds, and the use of the pencil to draw geometric patterns, landscapes or nature paintings. By mixing both styles together, I can paint and draw different subjects, creating unique worlds.

Which artist or painter has influenced you?

The Dutch artist M.C. Escher inspired some of my paintings. Escher is one of the world’s most famous graphic artists. In his compositions he combines precise realism with fantastic explorations of pattern, perspective, and space. His brain-teasing prints use interlocking shapes, transforming creatures, and impossible architectures to challenge the viewer’s perceptions of reality. This is what I like the most about him.

What kind of jewelry do you like?

I like wearing sterling silver jewelry. With regard to jewelry designs, I prefer to wear large-sized earrings and rings. I love light-colored gemstones, especially white ones. My favorite gems are moonstone, onyx, and opal.

Who or what is precious in your life?

My family is a very precious value in my life, together with my faith in God, education and respect for others.

If you want to find out more about Manuela’s pieces of art, you can directly contact her at The beauty of life depicted in her paintings is a great idea for a unique gift!

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