Maruska Riva is a skilled Swiss goldsmith, who creates her own elegant jewelry collections as well as privately commissioned pieces of jewelry. You can visit her showroom in Lugano, Switzerland. Using high quality materials and precious gemstones, she expresses her creativity with accurate workmanship giving shape to refined and unique jewelry pieces.


What are the benefits of hiring a goldsmith to create a unique piece of jewelry?

By commissioning a goldsmith with the task of creating a unique piece of jewelry, you can enjoy the luxury of creativity tailored to your own personality. Since every craftsman has his own style, it is essential to turn to a goldsmith whose works correspond to you in design and in the type of creations (classic, romantic, contemporary, etc.) in order to communicate an emotion that goes beyond the intrinsic value of the jewel.

Often jewels are created to underline particular moments of life investing them with a symbolic meaning. Through unique shapes, particular combinations or just gemstones’ colors, I made many creations that represented the emotions of those who commissioned me the jewel.


What is most rewarding about your work?

Being able to listen to my research, which is inner and very personal, but undoubtedly inspired by my experience and everything that surrounds me, is gratifying for me and gives me the opportunity to look beyond and experiment with new ideas. My collections originate from these paths. My customers follow me by visiting the showroom periodically, online or through social networks. Creating personalized jewelry is a way of combining creativity with the expectations and final joy of those who will wear the jewelry or who will want to give it as a gift. They are two distinct aspects but equally intimately linked by a red thread.


What is most challenging?

For me it is crucial to be able to create jewelry that dialogues with the body, giving harmony and creating a balance of contrasts and delicate passages. The jewel must emphasize the special features of a person, whether they are physical traits or personality, in a bold and at the same time harmonious way.


What kind of jewelry do you like?

I prefer pure shapes that enhance contrasts and create plays of space and proportions, using satin or rough finishing techniques, combined with shiny parts, in yellow and white gold. I love to create jewelry pieces that can be modulated and worn in different ways, depending on the occasion or the clothing to match.

Tahitian pearls are currently recurring in my collections. Brown and fancy diamonds cut in the old fashioned way inspire my revisited versions of the classic engagement ring. Tanzanite, garnet (red, green and color change) and spinel are among my favorite stones. Often it is the stone itself that suggests the design that will make the most of it.


Who or what is precious in your life?

Time is really precious. Time that makes emotions enjoyable, time that allows me to have new experiences, pursuing the natural course of creativity to make me happy with what I do. Every day I learn from my little daughters, to live the present moment in a way that is as true and intense as possible.


If you want to find out more about Maruska’s artistic creations, visit or For additional information, you can directly contact her at

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