When it comes to maximizing your image and influence, color is extremely important. Jewelry and clothing should enhance the best features of the person wearing them. Wearing the wrong color combinations can draw attention to the accessories and clothes, and not the individual. Wrong colors can even accentuate negative features like wrinkles. Thanks to Jewelry Color and Style image consulting services that you can buy in our Shop, you can discover more about yourself! Buy our Jewelry Package and our Color Package to find out your best gemstones and colors for clothing and accessories, such as eyewear, scarves, purses and shoes. You can quickly achieve the goal of a harmonious look, with the focus on you, and not on what you are wearing!

The range of colors that enhance your natural coloring (skin complexion, eye color, and hair color) establishes how cool or warm, light or deep and bright or dull you should go in each color. Save effort, time, and money while shopping by knowing your correct gem and precious metal colors and your most flattering colors for clothing and accessories. Subtle changes can make the difference, helping you to reveal your natural beauty and feel more confident!

To better communicate your uniqueness and to make an exciting use of colors, here is a JCS valuable advice to create a color palette for your wardrobe.

  1. Thanks to our image consulting services, once you know your color direction in terms of cool or warm, light or deep and clear or muted colors, choose a print you love in a piece of jewelry, dress, top, scarf, or even a purse.
  2. Select the key colors in the print to combine them in your clothes and accessories.
  3. Opt for just three of these colors, ideally two colors and a neutral or two neutrals and a color, in order to combine them harmoniously.

Make a winning impression wearing your best gemstones, clothing and accessories colors!

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