This blog post illustrates this year’s jewelry trends. Be inspired by the latest fashion ideas and by the modern approach to wear jewels that JCS services offer you!

Cameos will be very popular this year. Carving a gemstone in relief means that the design projects out of the background of the stone. This method is called cameo. Sea shells and agates are often carved with this technique in order to create unique jewelry items.

Gold and other metals layering pieces such as layering necklaces and bracelets with charms are always in demand. They can be multi-strands or single items layered with others. If you like layered looks on your hands, opt for small, slim stacking rings.

In 2018, the old will continue to inspire the new. The allure of the past influences present-day jewelry. With regard to vintage-inspired styles, Art Deco designs are still going strong with beautiful inlays and enamels.

This year, other must-have pieces are big button earrings, mix-and-match earrings, pearl jewelry, and brooches. Sculptural brass styles, slim and sexy lariats, and tribal motifs are also very fashionable.

For a modern and elegant look, choose chain drop designs. Feminine silhouettes such as flowers, fringes, bows, and half moons are also stylish jewelry trends.

As Pantone’s Color of 2018 is Ultra Violet, this attractive color and its surrounding shades on the color wheel, such as fuchsia and red will certainly inspire gemstone and jewelry choices.

If you want to discover which are the jewelry pieces that harmonize with your facial features (skin complexion, eye color, hair color, and face shape), simply select our Jewelry Package or our Style Package in our Shop. Enjoy your journey into the wonderful world of gemstones, jewelry, and beauty!

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