Lugano Wedding is the only provider of Wedding Resources and Services for couples wishing to get married in and around Lugano, Switzerland, including Lake Como, Milan, and anywhere else in the Southern Alps. They can organize everything from A to Z, or any of the steps in between when planning destination weddings in Lugano, Ascona, or anywhere else in the beautiful Canton of Ticino! At Jewelry Color and Style, we love weddings and the unique emotions people experience during wedding ceremonies. With great pleasure I interviewed Sabrina, Lugano Wedding’s event coordinator, who organizes marvelous weddings with competence and passion.

What is most rewarding about your work?

I believe what is most rewarding about my work is to give a part of me. Be positive and truly listen to my clients. Be there for them helps me achieve my goals and makes them feel safe and excited about their wedding day. Help and suggest, not imposing my views. It’s their wedding and I aim to create their unique wedding with my knowledge and giving much love and time to their requests. I am a lucky woman, I had amazing clients so far.

What is most challenging?

Nothing is really challenging for me, as I am supposed to sort issues out and my secret is to take a deep breath. So, I do it and after breathing deeply I know I will find a solution to every issue.

Sometimes it’s a bit frustrating to realize there are items that I cannot find for my clients, because they are not available on the market in Switzerland. Purchasing an item elsewhere will get me seriously over budget, therefore I have to find alternatives.

What advice can you give to couples who are in the midst of planning their wedding?

Key to a successful planning is starting in advance. One to two years before the wedding day will be ideal, especially to plan a destination wedding. It is advisable to stick to a schedule. If a couple want to organize their own wedding I can suggest to look up online to-do lists for wedding planners. It’s a great way not to loose focus also on small tasks. Don’t forget: talk to each other and be honest. Don’t say “yes” to something you don’t agree on. You will be there for each other whenever needed, therefore start off on the right foot.

What kind of jewelry do you like?

I like statement rings with semi-precious stones. We have a beautiful shop in Lugano and the owner is a friend of mine. I do love her work! Otherwise I like earrings, even if I don’t wear them all the time. Picking something for an evening out, I tend to lean towards bracelets instead of necklaces. I would choose silver, copper or white gold over yellow gold. Lately, I tend to wear more jewelry with pink stones. An acquaintance of mine that studies Aura-Soma Color Therapy suggested it to me and I am giving it a try, even if my favorite stone is agate.

Who or what is precious in your life?

Precious to me is to always be myself. It’s important to be positive. I do believe we choose to be happy. Even if it is sometimes hard to achieve, a positive attitude does help a great deal.

Precious to me is my family and the laughs of my children. I wish I could bottle them up and keep them forever. It’s important to connect with people and this interview with you, Claudia, it’s a gift to me and a gift was to meet you.

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Picture courtesy of Marian Bader, International Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer,

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