Reveal Your Natural Beauty

At Jewelry Color and Style I successfully developed a new approach to define your best jewelry pieces, colors and accessory/clothing styles. Thanks to some quick and easy interview questions, regarding your natural coloring and your face shape, I will be able to determine your best gems, precious metals and jewelry designs, as well as your best colors and your most flattering eyewear and necklines.

Stay connected to find solutions for all your needs about appearance and self-confidence. This blog is a precious tool to give you the best advice regarding gemstones, jewels, beauty, and fashion. Like our Facebook page at Follow us on Instagram at This new blog, our Facebook page and our Instagram profile give valuable advice, so that you can reveal your natural beauty!

This summer I will post the brilliant interviews I had the chance to conduct with wonderful persons and professionals working in the fields of art, writing, and events planning. I already posted them on my previous website. With great pleasure I interviewed the talented Swiss artists Cinzia Hochstrasser and Manuela Vanotti, who create privately commissioned beautiful paintings. I interviewed the eclectic Swiss author Antonella Arietano, who published three novels with the editor Triskell. I interviewed Sabrina, Lugano Wedding’s event coordinator, who organizes marvelous weddings in the wonderful Canton of Ticino, Switzerland.

If you also have a true passion for jewelry, clothing, accessories, and makeup, trust Jewelry Color and Style to better communicate your uniqueness. You can quickly achieve the goal of a fabulous look, emphasizing your best features and creating your own harmony of jewelry, color and style. Visit JCS Analysis, select one of our image consulting services, and start your journey to discover more about yourself!

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