Color is probably the most powerful tool an artist can use to capture a mood or express an emotion. It’s the first and most relevant element the viewer sees. Color is a language all its own and an artist can use it to enchant the viewer. That’s why this blog post will tell you more about Cinzia Hochstrasser, a brilliant Swiss artist that makes a very special use of colors.

Since her childhood Cinzia has always been interested in art. She has always loved to paint, draw, and be creative, a talent she inherited from her father. In 2008 she went through a really hard time and she decided to take painting lessons. From that moment on she constantly developed her artistic path. A trip to the fabulous Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, also named the City Different, gave fresh impetus to her artistic career, allowing her to meet and work with inspiring artists.

Cinzia creates privately commissioned color-inspired, vibrant, and engaging paintings. She depicts the beauty of life through a combination of color, texture, and symbolism to create new styles and unique works of art. For her, art is something that appeals to our senses and emotions. With her artistic production she opens a door to a special world, where everyone can find something of his own. Through her paintings, people can free their imagination and enjoy a wonderful journey into the world of art.

If you want to find out more about Cinzia’s pieces of art, visit or For additional information, you can directly contact her at The beauty of color depicted in her paintings is a great idea for a unique Christmas gift!

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